• Being at inspirED you get a sense of being around a movement around education

    - Azad Oommen, inspirED 2013, Hyderabad

  • Its one thing to have a conference like any other, but here the focus from the beginning was the kids.

    - Nimesh Patel, inspirED 2013, Mumbai

  • I thoroughly benefitted from your great conference. The energy and the simple common sensical ways of organizing the whole thing was touching and inspiring.

    - Sonam Wangchuk, inspirED 2013, Pune

  • The conference was very useful in terms of the various topics being discussed and the ideas being shared; I took away quite a few excellent ideas. The arrangements were excellent, especially for those of us who came from outside.

    - Sourav Bannerjee, inspirED 2013, Pune

  • Seeing children demonstrate their speaking and memory skills in their booths at Ed Ex showed that Teach for India Model is working very effectively in educating children from underprivileged communities.

    - Margaret Solomon, inspirED 2013