The Vision

At Teach For India, we believe that innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, projects, and enterprises that frame existing problems in new ways and mobilize people and resources are necessary, to fundamentally shift the status quo in education. Innovation Weekends are weekend-long marathons where teams come together to tackle a local problem, to find new innovative solutions for the defined problem, from scratch.

The Goal

The Innovation Weekend aims to bring together a collective of diverse professionals and students from various fields and engage them in a process of collaborative problem solving. The weekend hopes to provide powerful, real and innovative solutions to pressing problems in the education sector and we hope the solutions will then be shared with the larger education community working in the defined local area.

What Are We Solving?

Over the years, we're increasingly realizing that solving Pune's educational crisis is going to demand more than a regurgitation of old solutions; conversely, it's going to demand our most innovative and collaborative thinking - the ideas that aspire to boldly advance progress for the city's most disadvantaged children.

This three-day event will be a space to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs and practitioners from the city, to collaboratively problem-solve around the most vexing educational issues affecting low-income students. Applying design thinking, participants will work within teams and generate a solution for one common problem posed to the group:
"How do we ensure high school students* in Pune have the necessary knowledge, mindset and skills necessary for the 21st century?"

*for the overall purpose of the Innovation Weekend we will be focusing our efforts on designing solutions for students from low income communities

How It Works


22nd Jan 2016 - 24th Jan 2016


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